Should I Ask My Girlfriend’s Friend For Advice? Signs Love Is Fading

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In this article, we will be going over if you should ask your girlfriend’s friend for advice, as well as how you can notice if the relationship is fading away.

Boundless love and a desire to be with your partner forever is the feeling every new couple goes through in the relationship, until the relationship starts to settle a bit, and doubts start to flood our minds.

So let’s start off with the main question. Should I ask my girlfriend’s friend for advice?

You should avoid asking your girlfriend’s friend for advice about your dating life. That’s because every conversation you have about your relationship with her could end back to your girlfriend, which could be a sign to your girlfriend that you are insecure and desperate.

Although there is nothing wrong with asking your girlfriend’s friend for advice. I would avoid it unless she possesses some traits which I will talk about later in this article. So stick around if you feel uncertain about the relationship and you are wondering what you can do about it.

Asking Advice From Your Girlfriends Friend. Why You Shouldn’t?

Looking at it from a distance, asking her best friend or friends for advice could be one of the best things you could do.


It’s her girl friend, they see the future in the relationship. They are close observers and the most insightful and tuned people in your girlfriend’s relationship. Wouldn’t it be awesome to get valuable information on her next move, what she likes, what’s exactly going on in her life?

But, with great power comes great responsibility. And unfortunatey a women can’t be trusted with this kind of responsibilty.

I’m not putting out any hate towards women and their untrustworthiness but from countless friendships and dates, I’ve noticed some constant habits when it comes to a girl’s friends:

  • Girls can get Jelous over their best friend very easlily.
  • They can’t keep a secret

Girls can get jealous over their best friends very easily especially the ones who are single. That is because girls have this sense of sisterhood and bond when they are close girl friends.

When girls are close friends they do everything and share everything with eachother. That means they sense if someone is going to interfere with their friendship. They are going to get really defensive and jealous. So what does that mean?

Jealousy can be a really dangerous thing to keep within yourself. So when you approach your girlfriend’s friend for some advice, she might have some tricks up her sleeve to use against you on your girlfriend in order to distance you more from her.

She can’t keep secrets. Have this in mind if the relationship with your girlfriend feels a bit edgy or in a bad state. Girls got each other’s backs. From any social media activity to any gossip told, she’s going to get the news back to your girlfriend ASAP.

Let’s presume a little fight broke out with your girlfriend, and she’s going to need a bit of space. As the boyfriend, you go ask her friend for some advice, have in mind that by doing so, your girlfriend’s friend would most likely tell her about the advice you asked for.

“Reaching out and talking to your girlfriend’s friend can be interpreted as weak, needy, and insecure by your girlfriend”.

Who To Ask Relationship Advice From?

Your Bros

Your gang doesn’t hold back, they will be honest and straightforward with you. They will let you see things in the relationship which you may be blind to. As that saying goes “Love Is Blind”, it will be in your favor to have someone tell you straight up what you are not seeing in the relationship.

However, your guy friends may act with a negative bias towards you and the relationship. They may end up telling you false facts and opinions. That’s because guys can also get jealous when you’ve traded most of your time for your girlfriend.

Verdict Score: 8/10

Your Girl Friends

There is an obvious benefit that comes when you ask for advice from the opposite sex on why your girlfriend may be pulling away, giving mixed signals, and so on. Asking a girl what a girl may be thinking is clearly a smart option and you won’t regret it.

Just make sure your girl friend or cousins don’t have any feelings for you because that could cause a whole different situation which I don’t want to get into right now.

Verdict Score: 7/10

Your Girlfriends Pals

The fortune-tellers of the relationship and the people that could either fix the whole relationship or end the relationship in demise.

So you’ve got to consider what type of person her friend is? Girls are notorious for spreading news as well as fake gossip around. So what advice you may have asked, she’ll go tell your girlfriend but in an exaggerated manner.

According to a study done by dvm360 women can’t keep a secret for more than 47 hours. 4 in 10 women couldn’t keep a secret, no matter how personal or embarrassing.

First work on having some rapport and trust with this friend. Because if she sees you as a stranger that’s dating her best friend, then things could get a bit ugly in the sense that she can’t be trusted with what she’ll tell your girlfriend.

Verdict Score: 5/10

Is Questioning a Relationship Normal?

The voice about how some parts of the relationship stink come about more often. You find yourself questioning if this is your life partner and if you should sacrifice more of yourself and time for her. Sometimes it’s worrying and you wonder if questioning the relationship means that you should call in quits.

It doesn’t matter if you are a married couple or just a couple, having doubts in the relationship is a completely normal process to go through.

Especially when we are in a long-term relationship, things settle and start to fall out of that ‘honeymoon phase’.

Doubt can either set in because of the lack of sex, communication, or mild arguments that can eventually set you on the path to doubt your partner.

That’s the thing people get wrong about long-term relationships. They expect it to be all sunshine and rainbows till the end.

When there are issues in your relationship, remember it isn’t you vs your partner its you and your partner vs the situation.

In a relationship, it becomes problematic when we avoid resolving the problems in it! It’s important to let our partners in on how we are feeling and doing.

Being aware of each other’s needs and boundaries can help partners adjust themselves to make their partner feel safe and loved in the relationship.

If you feel that you’re in an unhealthy relationship then I highly recommend you to read this blog to learn more about the signs and what you could do.

Signs Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Fights, lack of communication, and sex can occur in any relationship. Those are ordinary processes that take place during a long-term relationship. However, there are some signs you could look at if you feel like things have definitely changed and your girlfriend has lost or is losing her love for you.

1) She’s Completly Checked Out

Does she just seem like she doesn’t care anymore? Consider how her body language and her communication have changed.

Does she look at her phone more constantly? Does she look in different directions or look at her phone when she’s talking to you.

If it seems like she has checked out emotionally it could be a sign that she isn’t interested in you anymore.

Emotionally Unavailable signs:

  • Fake smiles
  • Making excuses she’s got to go somewhere.
  • Avoidance when you are talking with her.

2) Her Guy Friends Start Popping Up From Everywhere

Is she’s starting to hang out more with her guy friends? Are there more text messages that she’s receiving from her guy friends?

Of course, men and women can be friends without that superficial need for attraction and confidence boost. But if you see your girl messaging back and forth and going out more consistently with her guy friends, you could see that as an obvious red flag.

Your girlfriend may not have any motives for hitching up with one of her guy friends, but it is a form of emotional attraction and validation that she’s seeking from him.

3) She’s Bored

It is very common for women in relationships to get bored especially in long-term relationships, where things can get a bit stale and rudimentary

Signs that she is getting bored:

  • Rather sit on the couch and rewatch a movie than go out with you.
  • Doesn’t talk with you as much.
  • Silent dinners are becoming more of a thing
  • Stopped talking to you about her day.

How To Rekindle a Relationship

Should I Ask My Girlfriend's Friend For Advice

Intimacy and constant sex, flood a new relationship. It is hot, you can’t keep your hand off each other. You would try to look good for each other, and keep the relationship romantic and fun till work and life kicked in.

Demands for work, kids, and activities derive time and intimate energy between your partner and you. Just like anything around us, if we don’t put work and effort into it, it will fall apart.

So what can we do to keep this constant flow of energy in the relationship? And what can we do to rekindle the relationship? I have suggested 5 different reasons down below, so continue on reading.

1) Show Your Love In Deeds

Saying “I love you” is a really good thing but it isn’t enough. Show your love through either big or small deeds. As that saying goes “actions speak louder than words”

An example of love deeds would be:

  • Love notes once or twice a week. Leave your partner a love note when she’s going to work or by just surprising her. This shows her that you care, and that you are thinking about her.
  • Give her flowers as you come home and hold her shoulders while you tell her how much you appreciate her.

Why don’t you try our top gift ideas to win her heart? Click here if your curiosity is jumping up and down.

2) Making Time To Talk

With our busy and crazy days, our communications are tiresome and little. Make an hour a day to reconnect by walking in a park or being in a room together and just talking about your future.

This time together, allows you and your spouse to reconnect and keep in touch emotionally.

3) Try Something New Together

Spice things up. Come out of that casual day-to-day type of activities. Reintroduce a bit of zing and pep back into the relationship.

Travel or go do an activity you’re not too familiar with. Even if you’ve got kids, leave at least a couple of times out of the year to do something out of your comfort zone such as:

  • Getting active. Rock climbing or going on a road trip, safari
  • Going to a concert
  • Travelling
  • Get a couples massage
  • Sleep under the stars

4) Shake Up Your Sexual Routine

There is not a thing that sex can’t fix. In a relationship, sex can assure us that we are still attractive and loved by our partner.

Sex is really important in the relationship and there should be enough attention and effort put into keeping it alive.

Have a romantic day just for sex. Having kids or working can be challenging to make time to be alone together. Leave a day of the week to just have a complete day from day to night with your partner without any distraction. And just get it on!


What has brought you to this article is the doubt that you carry with yourself through your relationship. When we find ourselves in an uncomfortable situation in a relationship, one of the best things that come to mind is to ask for advice.

Asking your girlfriend’s friends for advice can feel like one of the best possible solutions. For one because she’s her close friend, so she’s got to have the biggest idea on why your girlfriend may be distant in your relationship.

But however, asking your girlfriend’s friend for advice can be risky advice you’re are willing to get.

  • Girls are not the best at keeping secrets. The average women can’t keep a secret for more than 47 hours.
  • If you’ve pissed off your girlfriend, her friends are going to be against you aswell. So that means she’ll tell your girlfriend that you were trying to reach out to her.
  • Your girlfriends friend will exagerrate what you had said to her. Then your girlfriend may end up assuming that your needy, insecure and going behind her back to get closer to her friend.

If you feel suspicious about your girlfriends texting habits such as why she is deleting her text messages I highly suggest you read this article.

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