What To Do When a Guy Gives You His Number?

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Nothing more than attention can boost a girl’s self-esteem. I bet you also had an experience when a guy gave you his number, and then you started thinking about what to do. On the one hand, you carry out the excitement of this. On the other hand, you feel scared.

You feel happy and excited because someone gave you the attention and made you feel wanted. You also feel bewildered because you are not sure if the guy is the right person for you or not.

What to do when a guy gives you his number?

  1. Figure out what goes through his mind. Know the main reason he gives you his number.
  2. Save his number if he makes a great first impression on you.
  3. Pay attention to the way he dresses.
  4. Speak intelligently.

It can boost your self-esteem and also make you feel wanted when a guy gives you his number. But that doesn’t end here. You should know the aim of a guy by giving you his number. Otherwise, you are stepping into darkness.

1) What is the reason he gives you his number?

As a girl, you are around plenty of guys with different mindsets. When a guy gives you his number, that means he wants to get closer to you.

It should be the first question you ask yourself. Lust or Love? That’s a thin line between who loves you in real with who put on an act.

It’s out of the question to distinguish these from each other immediately without knowing a guy. Here is a link to the article I explained about the most beautiful relationship in the world. If you seek such a relationship, you require the right guy who fits in this relationship.

Hang out with him a couple of times. Does he have any curiosity to know about your personal life?
Typically, if a guy is interested in you emotionally, he prepares some relationship questions for the dating day.

Most likely, he will discuss your interests, goals, expectations. Such a guy is a relationship person and seeks a partner.

In this case, You are better off dating him to get to know each other’s similarities.

The early relationship is not recommended.

On the other note, if a guy talks dirty and tries to make you feel sexually excited, you should stay away from him and delete his number. There is no place for a playboy in your life if you want a boyfriend material.

2) Save His Number If He Makes a Great First Impression On You.

The first impression is the last. You can describe a guy within 3 seconds. You form the impression of a person during these 3 seconds.

Assume you are walking in the park. A guy comes to you out of a sudden and gives you his number. 1, 2,3……

It’s perceived. No one can nearly change the impression you get of him.

What is the first impression you get from this guy?
How smart does he sound?
How attractive is he?
Is he tall?
Is he fit?

Whatever your answer is, you judged him and decided whether you want to save his number or not. This is the power of impression humans use to judge each other.

If a guy makes a great impression on you, then I would encourage you to save his number and text him. But don’t rush.

Don’t show much interest and excitement from the very beginning. Develop the communication to know him better.

3) He Is What He Wears.

The outfit is the factor that actually helps you figure out the aim of the guy who gives you his number.
Unconsciously you believe more in a guy who approaches you with formal wear rather than casual clothes. This is my personal opinion and you might think differently.

You can not certainly size up someone by the outfit. But you would better give importance to the guy’s clothes.

It can reflect his personality. And it helps you better while making up your mind to save the number or ignore it.

There are many factors you would have to consider while judging a guy by outfit.
Does he follow clothes color matching? If so, that conveys the message you are dealing with a keen observer. This guy pays attention to details. He seems intelligent and organized.

What color does he wear?
If you study a bit about color psychology, you can easily figure out his personality based on the color he wears.

Red: motivated by power.
Blue: Motivated by intimacy.
Yellow: Motivated by fun.

As I said earlier, it shouldn’t be the first and last factor to judge a guy. It can only help you to know the guy on a deeper level without a ton of talk.

4) Speaks Intelligently.

When you get the guy’s number, it’s time to get to know him more. And you can only do it by asking him questions.

And you should ask smart questions. Avoid asking questions that lead to simple yes/no and short answers. Remember you need to make him talk more.

As much as he talks more, you can get more information about his personal life, past relationships, interests and etc.

Let’s take a look at the example below.

Are you going to work after graduation?

Clearly, he will respond shortly with Yes/No. And if he is talkative he will add only some comments on top of that.

Opposite to the question above, let’s tweak the question and ask intelligently.

What are you going to do after graduation?

Exactly this is the question that makes him talk.
Make him talk after observe what comes out of his mouth.

You might be curious to know

What does it mean when a guy gives you his number?
Is it weird for a guy to give you his number?
What do you say to a guy to get his number?
Should you give a guy your number or wait for him to ask?

What It Means When a Guy Gives You His Number?

Answering this question would vary. But in total, I can categorize the aim of most guys by giving a number.

  1. He is relationship material and looks for a soul mate.
  2. He is flirtatious and gives girls his number as a habit. Most of the people in the area he lives in might have his number.
  3. He thinks of you as a one-night-stand.
  4. He doesn’t mean anything. Take it as he wants a new friendship zone.

Is It Weird For a Guy To Give You His Number??

That is not weird for a guy to give you his number. However, it can turn out as an immoral action if he doesn’t approach you in a proper manner.

What Do You Say To a Guy To Get His Number?

You have 3 options to do when a guy gives you his number.
1) Reject him politely by giving him an excuse. The common one is saying “I have a boyfriend”.
2) Get his number and do not respond to him anymore. Not suggested. (You can play with his emotions)
3) You show a sense of excitement if you are interested in him. Then you can text him first.

Should You Give a Guy Your Number Or Wait For Him To Ask?

It depends on the social culture of where you live. In some Islamic and third-world countries, giving a guy your number as a girl is against the morality of society.

On the contrary, it is ordinary to give a guy your number in developed countries. It’s a matter of the mentality of the people in society.


What to do when a guy gives you his number?
1) Figure out what goes through his mind. Know the main reason he gives you his number.

2) Save his number if he makes a great first impression on you.

3) Pay attention to the way he dresses.

4) Speak intelligently.

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