What Does It Mean When a Girl Asks You For Help? Is She into You?

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It can be hard to know what a girl wants from you when she asks for help. What does it mean? Is she wanting to be told that everything will be okay? Does she just need some emotional support? Is she trying to get closer to you and have a deeper connection?

There could be a couple of different reasons why she’s asking you for help, but it’s not that difficult to tell what exactly she wants. In this article, we will be looking at What it means when she asks for help, and how you are able to tell the reason why she’s asking for your help.

Before continuing, let’s take a look at the brief explanation of What it means when a girl asks for help?

  • She’s using you, because you dont say “no” to anything
  • She has a crush on you and loves to talk to you and around you
  • She just wants reassurance from a friend.

Continue on reading to find out what type of woman she is, and why she’s asking for your help as well as a mistake you shouldn’t make with this type of girl.

What Does It Mean When a Girl Asks You For Help?

Although it can be flattering to get help from a girl because as a guy it makes us feel reliable and masculine, you shouldn’t get ahead of yourself. Sometimes girls can be very manipulative by using their femininity to take advantage of you.

So, let me explain more on the 3 reasons on what it means when a girl asks for help.

REASON 1: She’s Manipulating You

Many of my friends experience this issue and they aren’t even fully aware of it. What ends up happening is that the guy will do everything a boyfriend would do, but besides having sex.

Girls pick out these guys because they are super nice and they will always be there for them whenever they ask for them.

Low-quality women and women with little desire will frequently use the friend zone to manipulate to test men with the promise of later romance. Generally, these women use you because they want something from you.

So the best thing to do in this situation is to walk away. It is the most powerful negotiation stance. A guy who loves, respects, and appreciates himself. He’ll gently decline and refuse to waste his time with her if he doesn’t get anything in return.

Don’t make this mistake!

Don’t jump to the conclusion that the girl you’re talking to is manipulating you. Although there are many manipulative women out there, there are still many women that just love talking to you and just being your friend.

Find Out Here The Difference Between a Manipulative Woman and a Geniune Woman

How To Spot a Manipulative Woman How to Spot a Genuine Woman
They Never Pay Attention: The conversation is rarely about you and when it is, you get the impression they’re not paying attention.They pay attention to the details: Someone who sees the tiny things is a real friend. Whether it’s a new haircut or a new pair of shoes
They Ask A lot of Favors: You should always be willing to give a friend a helping hand, but it’s a red flag if they are excessively asking you for favors.They show up when it matters: True friends are capable of stepping up for you when you need them the most: at essential, stressful, sad, or tough moments.
They Become Defensive: They become defensive and resistant to hearing your point of view when you challenge them about some of their behaviors.They congratulate you on your achievement: A real friend will be able to cheer you on from the sidelines and congratulate you on your accomplishments.
They Undermine Your Self-Confidence: Manipulators will do all in their power to bring you down and make you feel inferior.You don’t feel self-conscious in their presence: You should be able to be yourself with your genuine friends without fear of being judged.
They Play Dumb: People will sometimes act stupid in order to get out of trouble. They may pretend as if they don’t comprehend what you’re asking, so excusing themselves of duties.They Follow Up: True friends are those who are aware of your own circumstances. True friends make time for you and invest energy in keeping up with what’s going on in your life.

REASON 2: She Has a Crush On You

I believe that as guys we create our own fate on whether we will end up in the friendzone or not.

As a girl, she’s given you the best opportunity for you to make your intention clear to her. I mean it should be pretty clear. If she keeps calling you or trying to meet up, whether if she needs help or advice, it’s a clear sign that you are a very important person in her life right now.

Before you jump up and down on excitement, you got to make sure whether she likes you more than a friend.

How Do You Tell If a Girl Is Into You?

1) Nothing brings her joy like spending time with you

She wants nothing more than just for the two of you to be able to focus on each other. So, if you see that she prefers to spend time with you alone rather than with her friends. Then it’s a strong indication that she likes you.

2) She gives compliments frequently 
When it comes to flirting, women use compliments all the time. However, she may not be super obvious with her compliments since she might be nervous or shy.

Therefore she will be more subtle if she’s shy. So keep an eye out for compliments that aren’t nearly as big. Such as:  “Oh my gosh, you’re so smart,” or “thank you, I can always depend on you.”

3) She engages in a lot of physical contact

Once again, each female is different, the indicators here might be a little tough to understand. Some females are completely comfortable with touch, while others are far more subtle.

So she may brush up against you, she may let your hands contact when she passes you something, or she may sit near enough with you to touch while you’re seated.

4) She has a lot of questions

Naturally, some girls are more interested than others. If she is actually interested in you, her observations will get more precise as you speak with her. Be prepared to give her embarrassing childhood memories and awkward college memories.

5) You have the ability to make her laugh
She thinks you’re absurdly funny. When a girl likes you, she’ll laugh the hardest at your jokes, even if your friends don’t think you’re funny. If she’s already interested in you, even puns and old dad jokes can entice her

Trying to find out if she loves you? Find out here why it could be a good sign when she invites you out with her friends.

REASON 3: She Just Wants Reassurance From a Friend

She sees you as a reliable and nice guy, who is there for her, and someone that she can count on for advice and assistance.

When a girl asks for help, she’s not just asking for your assistance. She’s also looking for reassurance.

Girls are both strong and fragile, independent, and still needing help. Girls want to do everything in their power to take care of themselves but they also want you there when they need it.

When she asks for your help, she wants you to reassure her that she is doing okay, that life is beautiful enough, and that whatever struggle she is facing will eventually lead them back to themselves again.

She wants someone there to listen when they need it the most. That’s what she wants you to know when she asks for your help – this will make her feel safe enough with herself again and make her happy again.

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What To Do When Someone Says They Don’t Want To Talk About It?

When a Girl Asks You For Help

In a lot of my previous relationships, my girlfriend would keep on hitting me with the “I don’t want to talk about it”, even though she asked me for help.

It can be tough when a girl is in need of help and she just doesn’t want to talk about it. You want to know what she’s going through, but you don’t want to violate her trust. Here are some things you can do to help without being pushy:

  • Offer your shoulder and ear. Sometimes, all someone needs is someone who will listen and provide support without judgment.
  • Ask if there’s anything in particular that you can do for her.
  • Offer up resources like local helplines or a therapist that they talk to in the future.
  • If you’re feeling brave, ask her if she wants to talk about why she feels like this now. This may lead to an important conversation about what happened, but only if she is comfortable talking about it with you first.


When a girl asks you for help it can feel enthralling. Because out of everyone and many other guys she chose you to get help from and talk to.

It can seem suspicious at times, considering how much she’s come to you for help. You may question whether there could be some romantic interest between the two of you. Or may it just be another moment where you have landed yourself in the friendzone?

The answer is really important because if you are there for her constantly you want to be aware of where you both stand. You got to find the fine line of how much attention and help you’re giving her.

Because if you are there day and night, you want to make sure that it’s not all for nothing and that your time invested in her either developed a friendship bond or into someone you share romantic experiences with.

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