What It Means If a Girl Calls You Bro: 6 Tips To Win Her Love

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Who would have ever thought that a simple three-letter word can crush a man’s spirit? I’m talking about the word “Bro”. I’m guessing you’re here because a girl called you bro. I know it hurts but don’t worry, I’ll explain to you why she does it and what you can do to stop it.

So, What does it mean when she calls you bro?

How is she telling you the word “bro”? If she tells you, “you are my bro”, in a personalized way, then she is giving you the possibility to be something more than friends. But if she uses bro in a generic way, such as “bro I don’t think that’s right” it means that she only sees you as a friend.

Love is like a strategic game. Every move and word has to be calculated, but if you understand the game, you become a master and you have the power to talk and make girls feel the way you want them to feel. Continue on reading to learn more about being friend-zoned and getting out of it.

What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls You Bro?

What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls You Bro?

I have come across many guys that believe the word “bro” is just another word she uses with her friends. It’s entirely possible that a girl may use this word in her vocabulary. But from what I’ve learned from hundreds of guys, is that she’ll most likely never call a guy she likes “bro”.

The main reason why your crush uses these words is to make the interaction between the two of you a lot safer.

Why would a girl want to make the conversation safer with you?

1) She has a crush on you but she doesn’t know how to express it or she is scared to confess it you. She will call you bro so you wont be suspicious of her having a crush on you.

2) She is subtly putting it out there that she’s not romantically intrested in you. And that what you guys have is completly platonic.

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How To Really Know What a Girl Means When She Calls You Bro?

It’s all about the context she uses bro in. You have to read into how she’s using that word, is it around people? Is she using it in text? Really understanding her body language and in the context, she says it in, can be your answer to what she means when she calls you bro.

Below I will include examples of what she says and what it means when she says them.

There Is Still a Chance With Her.

Example 1: “What you up to broo?!” – She says it in a humorous way. She’ll say something like this because she’s kind of fond of you, she’s almost trying to be funny or goofy. And that could mean that she loves talking to you and kind of thinks of you romantically.

Example 2: “You’re my bro”. When she says bro like that this to you, she’s personalizing it towards you, and it gives it a deeper meaning.

In scenarios like this, it’s really 50/50. She could be saying it in a way that she’s so comfortable around you and sees you as a best friend.

Or she could be saying it like “You’re someone I’m really happy to have in my life, and I feel like I can trust you with my life” – Thereby giving you the potential to be something more than just friends.

You Are Deep In The FriendZone.

Example 1: “Bro I don’t think that’s the right way”. This sentence is very conversational and generic, if she says bro like this to you, then she definitely just sees you as a friend.

Example 2: “Bro can you pass me the salt”. Similar to the above example. She’s calling you bro in a very general form of conversational language, which only means that she sees you as a friend.

Example 3: “You’re just like my brother!” Wait hold up? Her calling you brother is worse than bro. This is because “bro” has much of an informal and chill tone to it. However, if she calls you “brother” it sounds too formal and puts much more emphasis on you being an actual brother.

How Do You Tell If a Girl Likes You?

Many men make the mistake in jumping blind at opportunity of telling a girl, they like her. It a huge mistake and can cost not only rejection but as well as the friendship.

Learning and understanding if a girl likes you is the sure path to popping the question and making your move. Thats why I have provided 6 ways to tell if a girl likes you

1) Spending One On One Time.

When a girl has a crush on a guy, nothing makes her happier than spending time with you, the two of you being able to just focus on each other.

If you notice that she prefers to spend time with just you rather than your group of friends, or if you are with a group of friends and she tries to just be with you, it’s a good sign that she likes you.

2) She Gives Compliments Frequently

She is a frequent complimenter. Compliments are something women use all the time when flirting.

She may not be super obvious about the compliments she’s giving, especially if you’re in a group of friends and she’s embarrassed or just plain nervous.

If she’s a shy girl, she’ll definitely be more subtle, so look for comments or compliments that aren’t quite as big. Like “Oh hey there handsome”.

Instead, look for something more subtle like, “wow that shirt really brings out the color of your eyes”. “I can always count on you”. Little things like that.

3) Touch

This can be difficult because each girl is different, and most girls are going to be more subtle about it.

When girls like someone, they often find themselves not consciously doing flirting with touch. So she may brush up against you, or if you’re looking at your phone, you may notice that she sits close to you, and you touch while you were sitting.

4) You Talk Alot

You talk a lot, such as talking on the phone, texting, and even staying up late to talk. It implies she’s desperate to spend time with you in some manner, even if it’s only through a text message because she’s constantly thinking about you and is passionate about you.

One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to attract any women who are too desperate and needy.

But if you’re having a nice time and teasing and flirting with each other and telling everything to one other, that’s a positive indicator because it implies you mean something special to her.

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5) Pays Undevided Attention To You

When you’re talking to each other, she gives you her complete attention. When you like someone, they become the focus of your attention; if she likes you, she will love spending time with you.

As a result, she’ll give you her complete attention and be excited about the conversation.

When you chat to her, she will rarely glance away; instead, she will give you her whole attention, keep eye contact, listen to what you say, and respond appropriately. All of this is a fantastic sign that she likes you.

6) She Teases You In a Fun and Enjoyable Manner.

Studies have shown that telling jokes can bring a sense of calm to a conversation during the dating process, so if she teases you in a fun way and not in a way that could be considered rude, it’s a good sign she likes you.

One theory is that teasing is a way to increase the intimacy of a conversation by allowing two people to get into personal territory while still keeping things light.

How To Get Out Of The Friendzone?

Getting out of the friendzone

I have been in the friend zone more often than I like to admit. In fact, in most of my teenage years, I spent pining over girls that I had a crush on, and never knowing how or when to show that interest to them.

So I have complete empathy and understanding of this situation. I have also had the experience of getting out of the friendzone twice in my life.

1) Mentality Adjustement

Guys talk about the friendzone like it’s a place that they got put in by the girl that they like. They say “she friend-zoned me”. And quite frankly that is a denial of responsibility.

You put yourself in the friend zone when you didn’t make your honest interest in this person clear.

Now the good news. She doesn’t have to take you out of the friend zone, it’s something you can do.

“Know that you’re in the friendzone because you preferred to hide your true feelings rather than being honest about it and risking “rejection”

2) Stepping Back And Focusing On Yourself.

Focusing on bettering yourself is the most reliable way out of the friend-zone.

For me as well as many other people, have found the best luck and results in dating their crush when we pull back and focus on ourselves.

I shifted my mindset completely away from her liking me. instead, I focused months on bettering my communication skills and my physique. I did this by traveling to two different countries in 3 months, as well as going to the gym 5x a week.

And when I went back to my university there was this common reframe “Farid there is something different about you”

It resulted in me dating and being in relationships with girls that had previously friend-zoned me.

3) Steady Your Nerves

Try imagining the worst-case scenario when revealing your feelings. Imagine yourself sitting down with her and telling her, “hey I’ve liked you for a really long time and I want to take you out on a date”.

And then imagine her ridiculing you, laughing at you, and totally dismissing what you said.

prepare yourself for it. This is what the Stoics used to do. They would often imagine really intense situations (like death) and start mentally preparing themselves for it.

In any type of situation, ask yourself these two questions: What is the worst thing that could happen here? Is this scenario realistic?

Analyzing a situation from this perspective can have a really comforting effect. So do this whenever you feel anxious or stressed. You will realize that often you have these feelings for no reason.

4) Show Her You Have Options

Show her that other girls will potentially date you. There are many simple ways you can make your crush perceive this.

  • Talk to her about other girls
  • Tell her what you find attractive in girls. (make sure the description isn’t far off from what your crush looks like)
  • Talk about other girls you have dated in the past
  • Even better, post stories of yourself around other girls on instagram (this defintily worked for me).

Bottom line is, she needs to feel that you have other girls you can date and that you just don’t need her. This is important because it triggers the fear of missing out.

When she knows or thinks you have other girls you could be with, she’ll start to worry whether she’s missing out on something great that’s right in front of her.

5) You Show Too Much Romantic Interest

Never let your motives be 100% clear. It’s important to let her subtly know you are interested, but not to the point of desperation.

Girls love being mystified by this possible new romantic partner, and you don’t do that when your always around 24/7

You might be turning her off because you are showing off too much affection to the point where your turning her off. Girls don’t enjoy neediness, especially in new partners.

6) Leave Behind, Bread Crumb Of Hints

Be there for her. But not as a friend rather as a potential boyfriend. Not all guys are the same. like myself, I’m terrible at making a sudden first move or telling her I have a crush on her. I leverage what I’m good at and use it to confess my love.

I am a confident individual but I have a hard time confessing my love to a girl. When I’m with a girl I prefer to build a natural connection with her through dates. I don’t like forcing my lips on her lips when it doesn’t feel absolutely right.

1-month Step To Confess Your Love?

  1. Take her to lounges, to drink and smoke shisha. It’s more initmate and romantic when you two are drinking.
  2. I show off my masculine frame. I dress manly, pick her up, open the car door for and everything. That can get her the message that I’m a gentlemen on a date with a women.
  3. Buy her flowers during our walk outside during our date.
  4. Take her out with a couple of friends. It’s important to act as the leader of your group; meaning you initiate discussion, and plans for what you guys do. Girls love leaders
  5. Initiate subtle physcial touch with her.
  6. Take her to a small parties. You are both feeling good and drunk so why not confess to her then your love.


Sometimes when a girl says something like “bro what’s ups” or “You’re like a brother to me”, it may make you a little disqualified by her.

Many guys are simply misleading into thinking that spending more time with her or talking to her more, will definitely progress them to going out with her.

If you dont make your intentions clear from the get go and if she doesn’t know you’re trying to persue her, then she’s just going to keep friendzoning you”.

And it’s a complete win for her. Just think about it, you’re giving her everything a boyfriend would, without anything getting anything in return.

So to summarise again what are the most crucial points we took from this article?

Crucial Point 1: The friendzone doesn’t really exist. You jeapordized your chances of romance with her from the get go. Not letting your emotions and feeling be known from the start led you the friendship path.
Crucial Point 2: If you caught feelings for a friend, you need to adjust the way you talk to her and the amount of attention you give her. Ask your self this, Can you live on being her friend with the feelings you have for her? If you can’t, then make your move and try to win her heart.
Crucial Point 3: Girls love playing games with guys. They will pull you close to themselves on day then call you “bro” the next day. But if your really like her don’t give up on your feelings. And plus girls love guys who go after what they want

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