What To Do When Your Boyfriend Steals Money From You?

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Have you ever been in a situation where your boyfriend steals money from you?

It seems scary if you don’t know how to handle this issue. Keep reading because I have 6 main reasons why your boyfriend steals money from you and in the end, you will learn a way to overcome this issue in a relationship.

What to do when your boyfriend steals money from you?

Love or money? If he is stealing money from you then you know the answer. He is with you for money. You know the door and the way out. Break up ASAP.

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1) Don’t make assumptions

Confront him that you know he stole money from you and ask him directly to give you the reason. But keep the conversation calm if you want to know why he stole from you.

Whatever happens to you, like if 100 bucks are missing or your bank card is disappeared for a while. The first and foremost mistake that could be done in a relationship is ignorance.

Never think that it’s a few hundred dollars and it doesn’t matter. Keep that in mind tiny things can add up to make a big issue in a relationship.

I’m not talking about the few dollars. Your partner will do worse things later in a relationship when he doesn’t fear stealing your money now. It’s a matter of courtesy.

Prepare your questions in advance and ask him directly. You would be better off following the tips below to spot his lie.

  1. Look him in the eye. Is he avoiding eye contact?
  2. It’s also significant to note how fast or slow he blinks?
  3. Acknowledge the missing money and observe if he suddenly blinks faster or not. If so, then you can become more definite something is going on.
  4. See if he is pressing his lips firmly. It’s a sign that he got stressed as you get much closer to detecting his lie.

2) How’s his circle of friends?

When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.

Friends have the invisible influence that shapes your behaviors and actions unconsciously.
That being said, Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you what personality you have. That is a true expression that his friends are the reflection of him.

What are his friends do for a living?
Don’t skip this question because the answer is life-changing. I remember a story that a friend of mine named Sarah came to me one day while she couldn’t stop crying.

I made her a coffee and after crying on my shoulders for an hour she started talking. It was unbelievable.

After 2 years of a relationship with his boyfriend, she noticed he’s a scammer. And steals money online from people’s accounts.

Later she also discovered more sad facts about her boyfriend.
He was used to doing all the illegal stuff while in a relationship with Sarah. Yes, I’m talking about romance scams.

Like scamming girls online, and after building trust, asking them for money. Once he takes the money, he would easily block all girls from anywhere and burn his simcard.

Online scammers typically date many girls online simultaneously to increases the probability of winning. This is why I always advise girls to be cautious while dating online with someone.

3) He is always broke

Pay attention upfront to how people handle money. If he is asking to borrow money all the time and is dependent on you financially or when you two are in a restaurant and when it’s time to pay the bill he uses a washroom or any other excuses for not paying.

All these are red signs to tell you, he has the potential to steal money from you. Here is the complete guide to tell you why does he expect you to pay for everything.

There are popular excuses such as:
“I left my wallet at home. It might happen once, but he’s very unlikely to forget the wallet any time you two go shopping or anywhere that requires him to pay”.

The answer is obvious, don’t take it the wrong way, but he’s taking you for an idiot and taking advantage of your trust, and using your money to his advantage.

Are you still doubting whether you’re in a toxic relationship or not?

Click here as I wrote all toxic relationship signs. Go through them and be frank with yourself. How many of these signs happening in your relationship?

4) Is there income inequality between the two of you?

Money can definitely ruin a relationship if there is an immense gap between your financial status and his.
Some people come from wealthy backgrounds, and some others come from poor financial backgrounds. We all get along with differences whether tiny or big.

The difference could turn into a red flag in a relationship when it brings jealousy.

Envious could be a solid reason behind stealing. As the person gets jealous and keeps comparing his financial Status with yours, he seeks ways to get even with you. So stealing could be a result of jealousy.

5) Mismatch in the education of the two people

Apart from education, the way he’s grown up also matters. Who knows in what family background he’s grown up in. It might be due to his childhood, how his parents, school, and society educated him.

Who knows if he was used to stealing when he was a kid.

Or how comfortable he was to take money from his parents without permission.

I’ve talked with many girls with the same issue. The first question I ask them is how has he been educated? The answer to this will help you a lot to figure out, why does your boyfriend steals money from you.

6) He takes control of your personal finances

Any of these signs is the potential reason behind stealing when he’s managing your money by:

Monitoring all your spending.
Telling you what to buy.
Check your bank account frequently.
He’s acting like he has the full rig
ht to all your money.
He thinks he has the right to know your bank account details.
It’s a firm “NO to any of these signs in a relationship. Do not let him want you for your money.

What to do?

Wake him up.

Go dark on him.
You don’t need to be available for him all the time. Disappear for a few days and answer his calls and texts rarely.

Show your happiness.
Fill your free time by doing something that you enjoy.
Enroll in the gum.
Learn a new language.
Hang out with friends to refresh your mind.
Go to live music.

Gather with your guy friends. Let him see that you have tons of better options than him. And he’s not the only guy on the earth.
And many more outdoor and indoor activities to make you feel good without him.

Final word

In today’s article, we completely gave reasons and tips on what to do when your boyfriend steals money from you.

How early is too early to kill all emotions you have given and taken with this guy?
He deserves a second opportunity to clean up all his mistakes.

As I said, act like he’s losing you. Observe if he’s trying to correct himself or if he is still carrying all his unhealthy behaviors.
Leave your wallet or Credit card somewhere he has access to and see if he still has sticky fingers or not.

Before you end a relationship, you want to know that, you’ve given it the best shot. But if he burns the second chance, you MUST value yourself by letting him miss you.
How? The answer is to BREAK UP. Don’t waste your time trying to change him.

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