Do’s Tips If Your BF Gets Mad When You Post Selfies+3 Secret Reasons

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Social media is a thing we can not discard from our lives. According to Statista, a large proportion of girls are using social media in America, and the number of users is climbing immensely over time.

And in today’s article, I want to address another coupling issues that is caused by social media.

why does your BF gets mad when you post selfies?

There are 3 main reasons:
1) He is a control freak.
2) You are showing attention-seeking behavior.
3) Extremely provocative posts.

The answer doesn’t finish here, as I covered many other notes, and I opened up every single reason above with an example. Keep reading as you have a lot to learn.

BF Gets Mad When You Post Selfies

1) He Is a Control Freak

He always wants you to follow along with him. If he has a controlling personality, he indeed wants to keep you under his thumb.

To tell you what to do, what to eat, what to wear and where to go.
Is this a healthy relationship you have been looking for?

Are you seriously feeling happy in a relationship with a controlling boyfriend?
After some time, he will destroy your self-esteem, and you will feel like you can not do anything without his permission.

A controlling guy starts with the little things to test the water. If you act like a yes person and listen to him. Once he sees the green light, he manipulates you more over time. He’s a player, not a boyfriend.

It’s your right to be your best self. If taking a selfie gives you a good feeling, then what are you waiting for?

Who’s going to stop you from doing it? Your boyfriend?
It’s time to stand up to him if you think he gets upset when you post pictures of yourself.

If you ask a controlling guy what to do to make him happy, he will tell you to keep yourself at home so no one can see you. Therefore forget about keeping him satisfied. You wouldn’t have to make him happy by sacrificing your happiness and comfort zone.

Couples are there to help each other to grow, not bring each other down. A controlling bf might say he only cares about you by telling you what to do and what not to do. But it’s not the case. He is manipulating you, and it’s a first red flag of an unhealthy relationship.

Recently, I published an article about what qualities to look for in a guy, and I highly recommend you read it. Every single sentence in this article is from many relationship experts that can transform your love life to the next level. You will need such a guide before getting into a relationship.

2) Attention-Seeking Behavior

On the other hand, a guy might have a reason for telling you not to take a selfie much.
If you look for other guys’ attention on social media and your posting pictures of yourself almost every day without posting him on social media, then I would have to warn you.

In this case, your boyfriend has the right to control what you post.
When you are in a relationship with someone, you can do whatever you please if it doesn’t cross the relationship boundaries.

Posting a picture of yourself is a great idea to share something with friends you know on Instagram, but it shouldn’t be part of daily life.

I see many girls around that are overwhelmed with social media and look at it as fun. It’s fun if you keep it in moderation. Otherwise, it will become a big reason to step back into a relationship with your boyfriend.

As guys filled with so much jealousy, you can cause him extremely jealous by getting many likes, claps, replies to your selfies.

On social media, many guys send you flirtatious messages from left and right. If you don’t know how to stop a guy from flirting over text, you might face some serious relationship issues with your boyfriend. In this regard, I recommend you to read this article.

You might say, I post pictures of myself and post it on Instagram or Facebook that only closed friends will see”
Now I have a question for you.
Do you get any of these stickers on social media?

Love Stickers/Claps/ Like/Love Captions?

Do you get any messages?
Of course, you do. Many guys will try to hit on you, and that is not satisfying for your boyfriend. It breaks him down from the inside.

You are advertising yourself in front of many guys by posting selfies. You indirectly message your boyfriend to come into the battle and compete with them.

There is a difference between preventing from doing something or commenting on it

It’s easy to mistake your boyfriend as a controller if you don’t know the difference between these two.
A controller doesn’t ask for your opinion and just tells you what he wants. On the contrary, a real boyfriend comments and gives you advice in a kind of understanding way.

Instead of saying,
“I want you to post me on your Instagram today. I’m your boyfriend, and everyone should know it”.
he says
“Dear, I honestly love you and am satisfied in a relationship with you. If you agree, let’s take a lovely photo and post it on social media to show everyone how truly I love you.”

3) Extremely Provocative Posts

It’s logical if your boyfriend doesn’t let you post sexy selfies. What’s the aim of doing it? To attract many guys and show them how sexy you are while you are sitting with your boyfriend.

Posting sexy selfies while in a relationship is a terrible thing. You shouldn’t even try it if you are a caring girlfriend that values your relationship.

sexy pictures of yourself include:

  • Flaunting your body off.
  • Show off your curves.
  • Flaunting your hips.
  • Flaunting your toned body in a flattering style.

These types of posts can make your guy jealous and set him off. It’s significant to know how your actions might impact your partner.


That is your personal social media account, and no one can tell you what to do and what not to do, even your boyfriend.

You can post whatever you like. You can show your naked body with a bikini on the beach or post a selfie with your friends.

He’s a control freak if he gets mad when you post pictures of yourself. Or he gets jealous when you post with attention-seeking behavior.

You would have to respect the relationship boundaries and avoid posting provocative posts that bring many guys into your social media account.

In the end, we learned there is a difference between a guy who dictates you on what he wants you to do and someone who gives you advice and comment on your behaviors.

If your boyfriend gives you orders without respect and forces you to follow what he wants, then let’s make it easier for both of you. he knows where the door is and the way out.

But if he approaches you like a gentleman and asks you what bothers him, it’s worth listening to him.

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