Is It Normal If My Girlfriend Hits Me: (What To Do?)

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Did you know that 1 in 4 women (24.3%) and 1 in 7 men (13.8%) aged 18 and older in the US have been the victim of severe physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime?

Men are frequently blamed for domestic violence in our society. And men that are victims of physical violence are ignored. But there is an uprising for the voice of men in physically abusive relationships. If your girlfriend hits you, don’t worry as I’ll guide you successfully on what to do.

First of all, is it normal if your girlfriend hits you?

It is not normal for your girlfriend to hit her boyfriend in a relationship. Hitting is a form of physical abuse, which can cause more emotional harm than physical harm. Long-term effects of getting hit in a relationship are eating disorders, PTSD, stress, and disruption of sleep patterns which have been linked to insomnia.

Fighting back or taking legal action may seem like your best bet now. But I’m here to help you get back control of the relationship, the proper way. Believe it or not, it’s your slip-up that’s caused her to keep on hitting you. Keep on reading as I reveal the Secrets of changing things with a flip of a switch.

Is It Normal If Your Girlfriend Hits You?

It is not, and it will never be ok for your girlfriend to hit you in the relationship. Especially when she constantly keeps hitting you in a nonplayful way. Being hit in a relationship by your girlfriend can cause emotional and physical harm which will make it hard for you to have a healthy relationship.

Contrary to popular social belief, men were always seen as the abusers and more violent. Men that pleaded to domestic violence were simply ignored and thought of as weak liers

Fortunately, now because of social media and the internet, we get to hear more of the stories of physical abuse men face in relationships.

To say the least, the results of emotional and physical abuse are quite astonishing now. With 14% of all men being victims of severe physical violence and 90% of men experiencing emotional abuse.

Why Your Girlfriend Hits You?

My Girlfriend Hits Me
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Hitting and domestic violence is a behavior with the subconscious goal of instilling dominance, and surveillance in the relationship.

Learn more about the reasons why your girlfriend hits you, down below.

Suspicion Of Infidelity

Relationships are meant to be based on trust and faith. When trust is questioned, it can lead to violence in the relationship.

If your partner believes that you are violating the trust of the relationship by cheating on her, she may consider violence as a response.

The suspicion of cheating can make a partner bitter and resentful which then may end up to violence in the relationship

She Wants To Test Your Masculinity

In my last article, on what it means when a girl tries to make you jealous. I explained how girls try to make guys jealous in order to test if their boyfriend or husband is the right type of man for them. So, when a girl hits you, it’s another type of her tests.

By testing, I don’t mean that she plans all this out like batman. No, she subconsciously acts and says certain things, in order to see how you react to them.

If you Pass her test, then you gain her loyalty and her respect. But if you Fail this test, then she’s probably going to continue breaking you down until the point where she’s had enough and then dumps you.

So, let me very briefly explain why your girlfriend puts your masculinity to the test when she hits you.

Why does your girlfriend put your masculinity to the test?

Many men make this one avoidable mistake. That once they get into a relationship with a girl they turn from a goal-driven alpha male to a laid-back, no-effort beta male who believes that she isn’t going anywhere.

The reason to why she “Hits” you or acts “Disrespectful” to you is because she wants to test your competency. Women test men, so they can identify if you are the best that they can do.

In conclusion, she chose you as her boyfriend because she considered you the best option (the best that she could do). If she senses you losing power in the relationship by acting weak and insecure, she’s going to question if you are the right man for her.

What To Do If Your GirlFriend Hits You?

GirlFriend Hits
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Have you ever heard of the quote that goes like this: “A death by a thousand paper-cuts”?

Getting hit by your girlfriend is a massive disrespect to who you are. Letting your girlfriend abuse and disrespect you like this constantly will only destroy you and the relationship more.

Because on one end, she’s taking away your masculinity by hitting and disrespecting you, and on the other end, she is losing respect for you because you haven’t been able to properly stand up for yourself.

When a girl is disrespecting you by hitting you constantly. You’ve got to make her understand that she’s replaceable. And I don’t mean that you’ve got to go right out and tell her that.

You’ve to go to show her through your mannerisms and actions (not words) that she’s crossing the line. Read more to find out…

“People Only Treat You as Much as You Tolerate Them. Guys Dont Want To Lose a Relationship, So They Tolerate It.

So the next time your girlfriend hits you or disrespects you, take away the things that are most important to a girl in a relationship. Pull away your affection, commitment, and time you put in for her.

When she starts acting all crazy by hitting you, just drive out and go somewhere else by yourself with a book. The beauty of this is that she’s not going to know what you’re doing. All you know is, what you’re doing. And you’re establishing that your presence isn’t unconditional.

Even worse, her attacks on you may expand outside as well.

You’ll experience her hitting you and being all disrespectful towards you outside as well. If she’s doing this time after time, you’ve got to quickly get a hold of the situation and take your girlfriend aside and tell her that she shouldn’t do this.

If she still persists on still hitting you and disrespecting you, just leave back home without her. Without saying a word.

If she’s hitting you and disrespecting you in front of people, you shouldn’t take her out anymore, because she just lost all those privileges.

The beauty of this is that girls hate being alone, and if they do actually value you, you’ll notice changes and if they dont value you, you’re not going to notice changes. Which either way it’s better for you, because you’ll know where you stand in the relationship.

Find out here the 4 tip advice on what to do when your girlfriend has an attitude.


How To Handle an Extremely Violent Girlfriend

In many rare cases, physical violence and abuse can take over someone’s life for over 10 years. There is no therapy or method which can help you overcome this abuse.

If things do get really out of hand, try to have these tips I’m going to mention in mind, so you could be ready for any ramifications in the future.

  • You need to protect yourself from retaliation in the form of false charges of abuse from your partner; Try keeping records of everything will help in this case. such as keeping a journal, taking pictures of parts of your body that are bruised, and voice recording the altercations you have with your girlfriend
  • Reach out to a domestic violence support program. Men are far less likely to report abuse because they are isolated into thinking they are alone. Going after programs and social helplines will just help you realize how common domestic violence is out there, and that the right people are out there to help you.(CLICK FOR HELP PAGE)

Should I Get Therapy Because Of My Physical Abusive Relationship?

Get Therapy
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There are times when women play the role of “crazy” to either get your attention or to drive you away.

But truthfully, your girlfriend could be dealing with mental illness. Of extreme Narcissism and Psychopathy. When you find yourself in a physically abusive relationship, which constantly brings down your mental health then you should try to get professional care for her.

Abuse is a highly explosive situation. It can quickly deteriorate. If you truly love her, I’d propose talking to her about it and suggesting that you two take a break for a bit. If she’s suffering from mental illnesses, get medical care.

I would personally advise you to get Online Therapy.

Online therapy is now more widely available than ever before, and recent research suggests that it may be even more successful than traditional face-to-face counseling.

The majority of online therapy platforms provide for one-on-one counseling as well as limitless text, email, or chat connection with your therapist. All of this is for a fraction of the cost of one weekly session of in-person counseling.

Find here the Top 10 best online therapy sites


Physical and emotional abuse is no joke in the relationship. Many men spend years on end getting hit and abused by their wife or girlfriend. These type of long-term relationships are very hard to fix. Your only solutions are divorce (separation) or getting legal assistance.

However, what many men face is the introductory stages of hitting and abuse. If your girlfriend has been hitting and disrespecting you for 5 months or less then you could very well do something about it. Any abuse which lasts more than 6 months is very hard to reverse

  • Your girlfriend is simply hitting you because she wants to “test” your competency. She’ll either try to make you jealous, call you names, or hit you, to see and test if you are the best that she can do.
  • Avoid any urges to raise your voice or act in hostility towards her. This will only show her your weakness.
  • Remember she’s chasing a man. She’s chasing the security, commitment, and marriage.
  • So when she disrespects or hits you, just simply walk out on her and don’t say a single thing to her. If she comes to you and says sorry, congrats you win. But if she continues hitting and disrespecting you, then she isn’t the right girl for you. Just dump her and leave before things become more toxic

Find out here how to spot if your partner is toxic, and what you can do about it.

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