What Do You Do When Someone Hits On Your Girlfriend? (Tips + Examples)

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Blood boiling and stressful. The two words I would use when someone would hit on my girlfriend. It is easy to lose control and think about having a serious confrontation with the guy that hit on her. But hold up, that’s the last thing you want to do. Here In this article, I cover exactly what you should be doing when someone hits on your girlfriend.

So what do you do when someone hits on your girlfriend?

  1. Relax and don’t act on your emotions
  2. Play it cool and confident
  3. If she’s being hit on at the club, approach her, kiss her and introduce yourself to the guy that is hitting on your girlfriend
  4. If her co-worker is hitting on her, either go and talk to the manager about the issue or simply just suggest to your girlfriend that she can change the place of her work.
  5. When she’s getting hit on constantly when you two are outside just have trust and confidence that she can handle the situation. Because what is a relationship without trust

There are different circumstances for when a guy hits on your girlfriend. Therefore for every occasion, there should be a unique plan of action. Continue on reading as I want to share with you more on what to do when someone hits on your girlfriend plus examples of what to say.

What Do You Do When Someone Hits On Your Girlfriend?

Why is the feeling of seeing and hearing your girlfriend getting hit on so intoxicating? Why do we become so jealous and stressed out? I know it can be very overwhelming at times, but it’s something we must accept, that happens when we get into a relationship.

It is also very important to know how to behave and act when such situations arise. Because acting in the wrong way can make you seem weak and less attractive to your girlfriend.

Below I will cover different circumstances under which your girlfriend may get hit on, and what you can do about it.

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1. Your Girlfriend Tells You That a Co-Worker Is Hitting On Her.

Hearing from your girlfriend that her Co-worker was hitting on her hits different opposed to seeing her being flirted on in person. Because when we hear things, we sometimes exacerbate what they look like and whether they may be a real threat to stealing your girlfriend.

Therefore, when your girlfriend comes home and pulls you into the room to tell you what happened at work, you should avoid any sudden bursts of aggression or anger.

Instead, hear her out and show her that you can get a bit angry when something like this happens. This will give her the confidence that you care and support her.

How to react when her co-worker hits on your partner?

It can be tempting to take it to the place of work and start an argument with her co-worker. But things can get out of hand like that, and it can put you in a place where you don’t want to be. Such as a physical fight, which can get you involved with the law or get you seriously injured.

“A intellectual and wise man will never start a fight. Instead he will focus on solving problems through the power of his words. And learning to let go of conflict when it threatens his purpose.”

Fighting may occur at that moment, but the injuries it brings plus its legal battles can ruin a person’s life.

Instead, try these three things

  • Pick your girlfriend up from work and make sure her co-worker sees you. Don’t forget to look him in the eye a bit. This will subtly tell him that you know what’s going on and that he should back off.
  • Involve your girlfriend’s boss and explain how your girlfriend is being hit on in her workplace.
  • If nothing works, then it’s better to suggest that your girlfriend would change her workplace.

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2. You Are In a Bar Or Club and See a Guy Hitting On Your Girlfriend.

The club and bar is a place where men come to get drunk, look and hit on girls. Think back to the time when you were in the club single. You can’t tell me that you didn’t think about hitting on a beautiful woman in the club.

Your girlfriend is going to look her best when she hits the club, so expect a few thirsty looks here and there.

How to react when someone hits on your girlfriend in the club?

Leaving your girlfriend alone in the club for a minute or two is about enough time for another guy to approach your girl.

The worst thing you can do in this situation is to come into the guy’s face and escalate the situation by saying such words:

  • “Back off man”
  • “That’s my girl”
  • “You talking to us man”
  • “She’s my girl, back off big man”

When a guy hits on your girl, you must trust that your girlfriend can handle it (Only act if the guy is being physical with her). So in this situation the best way to handle it are these:

  • Sit back until your girlfriend handles it and comes back to you
  • Approach and join the conversation that he’s having with your girlfriend
  • Kiss your girlfriend on the cheek and say a friendly and confident “hi” to the guy
  • Being friendly and unbothered that he’s hitting on your girlfriend makes you seem like the most alpha man ever. And your girlfriend’s respect for you will grow greatly.

3. Your Girlfriend Constantly Tells You How Every Guy Is Hitting On Her.

The ultimate sh*t test a woman can put on a man. As a guy, we must understand that our girl is going to be hit on from time to time. Therefore, if your girlfriend is constantly sharing stories about how so many guys look at her and hit on her, it’s her toxic trait that she wants to get you jealous.

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When your girlfriend constantly tries to make you jealous it means that she’s fishing for a reaction and signs of jealousy.

The reason why she tries to make you jealous is her way of testing out what kind of man you are. Women subconsciously need to know that they carry the confidence and emotional strength plus attributes that are essential in protecting you, her, and your kids through life.

How to react when your girlfriend does this?

  • Don’t act aggressive or mad. (This shows weakness and insecurity)
  • Be calm and let her finish talking without showing any reactions

If she’s been telling you this over and over again, sit her down and tell her this

“Look we are in a relationship with each other, and I totally get it, guys hit on you. I don’t blame you. You are beautiful and I don’t blame them either. But there is no need to keep putting it in my face. Next time handle it yourself and think about it more before you tell me that another guy hit on you. Because I don’t need to be with someone who constantly tries to make me jealous, If you want someone else, by all means, go with him, but understand that you are not welcome in this house anymore if you decide to take that route.

Why Do So Many Guys Hit On My Girlfriend?

Simply understanding a guy’s genetic makeup in comparison to a woman can make you understand why so many guys flirt, not only with your girlfriend but with every other woman they see in the streets, malls, clubs, etc.

1) Men have different sexual needs compared to women

Men are lions when it comes to women. At your place of work or in a club, have you ever noticed the change of energy when a woman enters or starts work in the same place you are in?

Here we will be looking at the reason why men respond more sexually when they see women.

Monogamy is marriage. It is the belief and practice of having a sexual relationship with only one partner.

Monogamy and commitment still continue among many men. But many psychologists have actually suggested that men are more likely to have more sex with other females outside of the marriage. Due mainly because of the male urge to spread genes.

On the other hand, women seek more monogamous relationships. Women look for the strongest and best option male they can get. In order for him to become a “dad resource” so he can provide for and raise their kids.

Further in my investigations, I found out the motivations behind men flirting with women and women flirting with men.

Men mainly flirt with women due to 3 main reasons.

  • To have sex
  • Explore what it would be like to be in a relationship
  • To increase their self-esteem

Women mainly flirt with men due to 2 main reasons.

  • Boredom (Women are in a relationship for a while finding nothing much else to talk with their husband or boyfriend, therefore they flirt to get the excitement and buzz back into their lives)
  • To see if they still got it. (Women need to constantly feel reassured and know if they are still wanted and desired.)

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2) Men view every woman as attractive

The more someone finds another person as attractive the greater the chances they are going to make a move on them. Right?

An interesting study was done showing that women found 80% of men unattractive. In contrast, men liked more than 60% of female profiles on dating apps. while women only like 4.5% of male profiles.

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3) Your girlfriend is very attractive.

A lot of guys are simply approaching your girlfriend because she is attractive.

Wouldn’t you and your friends look across the street and push each other to make a move on that one pretty girl?

Guys won’t hold back. Especially if your girlfriend is looking her best when she leaves her house. Expect a lot of guys to either be staring at her or even some men hitting on her.

Listen, guys. Your girlfriend is going to keep getting hit on. It is no way to be in a relationship if you are constantly going to get stressed about what she might be doing.

Read down below as I tell you exactly how to get rid of your jealousy and act like the man you are supposed to be behaving as for your girlfriend and especially yourself.

Video example on How NOT to Act When Your Girlfriend Gets Hit On.

Girls break rules and stay loyal to alpha males. Alpha males are never insecure, and if they are insecure they would realize it and try to grow more confident.

His girlfriend already diffused the situation. He could just sit there and continue hanging out and having a good time while the low-life guy gets lost. Instead, he decides to act insecure and escalate the whole situation.

How To Deal With Guys Hitting On Your Girlfriend

Your jealousy and insecurity stem from your fear of losing your girlfriend. You’ve got to be honest with yourself. When your girlfriend tells you that she’s going to a friend’s gathering, the only thing that triggers your mind is how some rich muscular guy is hitting on her.

Having the fear that someone more rich, handsome, and muscular is hitting on our girlfriend can be daunting.

“When other guys hit on our girl, our greatest insecurities show. We become fearful that our girlfriend would cheat on us.”

Tip 1: If All Is Well, Don’t Worry

A study done by WebMD stated that there are many reasons for infidelity such as revenge, boredom, the thrill of sexual novelty, and sexual addiction. But experts say that a large majority of the time, motivations differs by gender, with men searching for more sex or attention and women looking to fill an emotional void.

Unless your girlfriend is an absolute sociopath there is no real reason why she would cheat. If there is laughter, sex, and at least a bit of fun in the relationship or marriage your wife or girlfriend isn’t going to simply get up and leave you.

Tip 2: Don’t Ever Act Out Of Of Anger Or Aggression

It is common guy logic that raising your voice and acting tough can solve any situation. But in reality, it can actually hurt your relationship over time.

You see whenever you lose control in any circumstance where your girlfriend gets hit on, you are sending a message to your girlfriend that you’re emotionally unstable and unable to control yourself in a situation.

Women want a man that has control of a situation, they want a man that is confident in himself and acts in a confident and smart manner. This is the sort of man that can lead her and protect her in life. Not a man that has a breakdown whenever another guy stares or approaches his girlfriend.

You choose. Which man do you think your girlfriend would rather have in her life?

Example 1: You lose your job, and you become emotional, and depressed and begin blaming life because of your disappointments.

Example 2: You lose your job, but you stay composed and accept it. You decide to move on and find a better job that appreciates you more.

Right! Example number 2. Women want a man that can stay in his lane and mind when shit hits the fan.

Tip 3: Say “hi

I did say that you shouldn’t act out of aggression but I never said that you shouldn’t act in any way.

When your girlfriend gets hit on outside, either when she is by herself or with a couple of friends there is nothing that you can do.

You just have to trust that she will handle it by herself and that she should also avoid sharing any news that she had been hit on outside.

On the other hand, when you are outside with her and some guy starts hitting on your girl, this is what you do:

  • Approach the conversation and act cool and friendly with the guy. He is probably going to get the hint and slowly back off.
  • If he is neglecting you by still persuing your girl, then just act like you are amused by his attempts and let your girlfriend defuse the situation. If she can not. Then your final attempt will be to just take your girlfriend away from him and the conversation.


The art of not giving a fuck. As the book says; don’t waste your energy on the unimportant things in life and put energy and care on what really matters and what you can control.

Understand, that wherever your girlfriend gets hit on, no one is out to get you. It’s just men. Men are animals and when they see any beautiful girl walking down the street they are going to go after her without any remorse.

It’s actually pretty cool that other guys are hitting on your girlfriend. It means that you are with a woman who is really desired by other men.

Now you could either think of it in a very insecure and jealous way. Or you can take pride and confidence that you are the one that gets to go home and share the bed with this woman. While other guys are over their heads about how you managed to pull such a beautiful woman.

“Grab her ass in front of men who want her, AND grab her ass in front of women who want you.”

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