Why Does He Keep Changing His Number?

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Changing a number is a usual action that happens to all of us. But if it doesn’t happen frequently. If you are dating someone who keeps changing his number, you need to resume reading to figure out all reasons behind this action. However, at the end of the article, I will give you some tips on how to deal with such a guy.

Why does he keep changing his number?

  1. Something shady is going on.
  2. He wants some space.
  3. He’s a man-child.
  4. He wants to break up.
  5. He’s ghosting you.
  6. He’s a dealer.

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1) Something Shady Is Going Onwhy-he-changes-number

Do you smell a rat? Yes, you are feeling right. Listen to your heart.
You can consider it as lying and cheating if he keeps changing his number. Otherwise, I see no logical reason if a guy wants to keep changing his number.

What I assume is that he is flirting with multiple girls at the same time. Yes, you got me right. He’s a playboy. And he changes his number to use it for the new options. It’s exactly the same with changing a profile very often that conveys the message he keeps his options open.

You can read the article I wrote about why does he keep changing his profile picture? Typically, such a guy is super active in dating websites like tinder and social media. Are you still doubting if it doesn’t hold true for your guy?

I made it simple to figure out who you are giving your heart to by following the steps below.
How to check if your boyfriend is active on dating sites?
It’s time to spy. Just logging into one of the well-known cheater-catching apps and see if your boyfriend is a pleasure seeker or not.

Use email search: To know if he has a dating profile.
Enter your partner’s email address in the login box on the dating site you suspect he is using. Look for an error message like “wrong password” that confirms he has an account.

Read this article on, “is it cheating if my boyfriend uses OnlyFans” and how to catch him.

Phone thief: Borrow his phone to make a quick call but check what apps he is using.

Act as if you already know it: Approach him the way you already know he is active on dating sites, and it made you upset badly. See how he reacts to this. His response will clear everything.

2) He Wants Some Space

In one of my articles, I thoroughly discussed the importance of space in a relationship. If you are with him 24 hours a day and not letting him have his individual life, I would like to warn you that you are on the wrong way. That goes nowhere.

As much as you press the push button more and stick to him he keeps his distance from you.
Let him have a space in a relationship. Changing a number constantly can be a cause of lack of space in a relationship. let him take a break.

3) He’s a Man-Childwhy-he-changes-number

Apart from any logical reason for changing a number, some guys are immature.
It’s challenging to know if a guy is grown mentally or not.

You would have to pay attention to several factors. I’m a relationship enthusiastic, and I dealt with many guys who failed in a relationship because of immaturity.

In one of my experiences, I spoke with a guy who couldn’t talk with his girlfriend about issues in a relationship.

He broke up with his GF and immediately changed his number. I asked why he preferred to change his number rather than talking with his girlfriend in person. He said I wanted to disappear, not to see her anymore.

After doing research on this behavior issue I have found that some guys are a kid from inside and they can’t talk about problems in dating.

And when any issue happens in a relationship, they press the run button instead of withstanding relationship/dating problems.

I can give you some tips to know if your guy is a man-child.

  • A man-child is a guy who still lives with his mom at home.
  • Look at his friends. Is he surrounded by immature friends? If so he’s also a kid mentally.
  • He doesn’t take responsibility for his actions.

If you see whatever happens between you and him and out of the blue he disappears you can expect such a guy to keep changing his number. Because he’s still a kid and not ready for a relationship. This type of guy accept his mistakes hardly and whenever something goes wrong he blames you in a relationship.

4) He Wants To Break Upwhy-he-changes-number

Some guys do not have the balls to tell you directly that they want to break up. They decide to disappear without saying a word.

You might question yourself, is there any guy who can break up without explanation? Yes, many guys break up by changing a number without telling you. It is one of the worse breaks up ever. 

He thinks he will not see you again or doesn’t need you anymore. So he dumps on you and leaves you forever without even a simple breakup text.

What to do? Nothing, let him go ASAP.

5) He’s Ghosting You

Before I move on, you need to know what I exactly mean by ghosting.

If your boyfriend disappears on you or leaves you without any breakup talk, you can think of it as ghosting. He might ghost you by changing his number.

What to do? Keep your standards high and do not get played. You don’t need such a person in your life to appear and disappear whenever he wants.

You deserve the right guy in your love life. So if he keeps changing his phone number and disappears then after a couple of months calls you back from another number and asking you to get back to him.

Just BLOCK him and never ever get back to him if you value yourself.

6) He’s a Dealer why-he-changes-number

It sounds funny, but it’s true that if a guy keeps changing his number, you can suspect him doing something illegally. There are many scammers on the internet or lots of drug dealers. He might be a drug dealer and acts like a gentleman and keeps up the appearance. Your boyfriend could belong to one of these categories.

What To Do If He Keeps Changing His Number?

Most of us try hard to keep toxic people around. However, they hurt our feelings. You know that a guy you are dating is not the right person for you, but you still think of him as your dream guy.

It’s disrespectful If he keeps changing his number without telling you. You would have to get rid of such a toxic guy before he entirely screws up your life.

Remember that you are not a needy person to welcome a toxic partner into your life. Keep your standards high, and do not sell yourself short.

The relationship is where you want to experience a healthy love life. Therefore open your eyes to whatever happens around your relationship. And do not give the second chance to someone who is playing with your emotions.


In today’s article, you learned the most significant 6 reasons why does he keep changing his number?

Something shady is going on.
He’s a man-child.
He wants to break up.
He’s ghosting you.
He’s a dealer.
He wants some space.
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