Why Shouldn’t You Cheat If You’re In a Sexless Relationship

Is It Ok To Cheat If You Are In A Sexless Relationship?
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You are reading this post because sex has left your romantic relationship, and you don’t even know what just happened.

I know how challenging it could be to survive a sexless relationship, particularly when you two tend to drift away from each other sexually.

But that is not the end of your sex life, as I put together all solutions to fix your sexless relationship.

Moreover, you will learn what causes a sexless relationship in this post. Keep reading on reading to learn more.

No, you can not cheat. You don’t have the right to cheat if you are in a sexless relationship. First, keep yourself away from any temptation. Figure out why it happened and find ways to survive your sexless relationship.

What Causes a Sexless Relationship?

I don’t exaggerate if I say a relationship without sexual satisfaction is like a cup of tea without sugar. It has a bitter taste, and you can not even finish it.
By contrast, a high-quality sexual experience with your partner is the way that can take your relationship to the next level.

1) Quality Over Quantity

People erroneously consider quantity over quality in sex, and that goes nowhere. After having sex with your partner, ask her if she is happy with it.

Sometimes girls don’t express their honest opinions easily, and if your partner belongs to this group, ask her repeatedly if she likes the quality of your sex.

I know some friends who are not satisfied sexually in a relationship with their partners, and they get quiet and say nothing. And it will result in losing interest in the sexual relationship. ( Here you can find the article on why he is losing interest in you sexually.)

2) Low Libido

As the title is self-explanatory, a person who has a low libido loses interest in having sex with the other significant in a relationship.

There are many stressors outside, which can cause a considerable amount of stress in a relationship. Usually, the body reacts to the daily stresses you get in different ways. And libido is on the list. Chronic stress can impact your sex level and cause low libido.

Don’t wait too long, If that is the case in your relationship. You should visit one of these three types of doctors.
1) Primary care physicians
2) Sexual medecin doctors.
3) relationship therapist.

3) Mental Health

Apart from physical health, mental health also matters. You can not expect a healthy relationship while dealing with anxiety, anger, depression, or other mental issues.

One of the most common signs that show depression and anxiety is excessive sleeping. (Here I published the informative article about why does my girlfriend sleep too much.)

Lack of spiritual health can stop you from wanting sex from your partner.
If your mind is still full of bad memories of your past or still suffering from what your ex did to you.

All these negative thoughts that you brought from the past can cause disinterest in having sex with your partner.

4) Self-Criticism

Self-doubt is the most common cause of sexless marriage and relationships. Self-criticism can be seen if:

1) you are hard on yourself and putting yourself down at any chance, you get.

2) Usually, the person with self-doubt gets guilt over almost everything.

3) They are sensitive and take things personally easily.

A simple criticism from others about you can plant a big fear in your mind. For instance, you have some extra weight.

Your friend tells you that you have a beer belly, and he makes fun of it. Then you take it as a negative part of yourself and fear having sex with your partner.

Because you feel embarrassed to sleep with your girlfriend because you have a belly.
Besides, you try to wear baggy shirts to hide your fat. And all these show the self-doubt you have about yourself.

You find some negativity in yourself( For example appearance, clothing style, the quality of your skin, height, job, and many more.) and overthinks about it.

Self-doubt, however, small can cause a sexless relationship as you don’t have the self-confidence to approach your partner sexually. As a result, you feel unwanted and see sexless relationships as the last resort.

5) The Unrealistic Expectation When It Comes To The Bedroom.

It is interesting to know that 35% of all internet downloads are related to pornography. So that is true if I claim pornography is tied up with our relationships in this day and age. Pornagrpoghy is fictional and not real.

It includes actors, directors, and even scripts to use during the scenes. It takes a course of time to produce a porn movie.

But you don’t think like this. You use pornography to perform better in bed. But the reality is that these porn movies can spoil your sex life with your partner as it makes some unrealistic fantasies in your mind.

You want to copy whatever you see in erotic videos in bed with the love of your life and here is a starting point where you take your sexual expectation to an unreal level.

After some time, when you don’t meet your unreal sexual expectations from your partners in the bed, you lose interest in your significant other sexually.

6) Boring sex life.

Try out different things and different scenarios in bed with your partner. Don’t let your sex with your significant other get boring. Keep things fresh and exciting. Find ways to build sexual tension between the two of you.

You need to get specific on what makes your sex life better.

Here is a rule to keep your sex life going.

Get specific about how you could be better in bed and obviously how he could be better in bed

7) Excessive Self-Pleasure.

It seems funny, but some men prefer masturbation over sex. Masturbation usually starts in the teenage years for young men, and it’s coupled with pornography and gives a huge dopamine dump into that man’s brain.

It becomes a habit and almost impossible for him to stop self-pleasure.
So one of the main reasons for sexless relationships could be Excessive-pleasure.

How To Deal With a Sexless Relatoionship?

There are some incredibly effective ways to survive a sexless relationship.

1) Communication

Unfortunately, we ignore communication a lot without knowing that it is responsible for the success or failure of the relationship.

A deep conversation with your partner opens up all tiny issues, and as much as you talk more about what has been changed, or what bothers two of you recently, that stopped you two from having sex can get to the web of issues that you didn’t even know existed.

By conversation, you two can focus more on each other, and believe it or not. That makes a miracle. It will transform your sex life from 0 to 100.

Get close to your significant other and remember that all problems exist in the absence of a good conversation.

2) Take Better Care Of Yourself.

Do you remember the beginning of your relationship?
How did you care about yourself early in the relationship?
And what about now?

What I mean by taking better care of yourself are simple ways like:
-Removing your body hair.
-Wear a fragrance for love-making.
-Washing your teeth and mouth.
-Trim your nails before touching your partner.
-Taking a bath before sex

3) Don’t Be a Selfish Lover In Bed.

Make eye contact during sex. It strengthens your sexual relationship with your partner.
Don’t rush foreplay, as it is the best way to help two of you experience a great sexual relationship. Don’t get right to the sex.

Warm-up a little and remember sex is not just about orgasm. Make it happen bit by bit by warming up, chatting, touching, and then orgasming. Don’t be a selfish lover in bed if you want her to feel attracted toward you sexually.

How To Survive a Sexless Marriage Without Cheating?

1) Communication.
2) Don’t be a selfish lover in bed.
3) Take better care of yourself.
4) Stop masturbating.
5) Keep things fresh and exciting with your partner in bed.

How Do You Stay Faithful In a Sexless Relationship?

Being faithful in a sexless relationship requires you to remember how you started your relationship strong with your partner. How she gave you her 100% trust and heart in this relationship.

By reminding yourself what your partner gave you in this relationship, you can stay faithful in a relationship however it is sexless.

When Should You Walk Away From a Sexless Relationship?

You can not set a specific time for a sexless relationship. The sexless relationship can continue if couples are happy and there is no force to keep the relationship or marriage. Ask yourself if the sexless relationship is satisfying for you or not. If yes then nothing can stop you to stay in a sexless relationship.

First, find out why it happened and then go for a solution. Work on it and have a talk with your partner. Tell your partner how important she/he is for you and how you are attempting to solve the issue. If that doesn’t work you should seek the assistance of a marriage/ relationship therapist.

Hopefully, you can survive your sexless relationship by following the steps above, otherwise, you should walk away from a sexless relationship as sex is an important part of a romantic relationship.

What Is a Sexless Relationship Called?

There is not any particular name for that as everyone calls it a sexless relationship commonly. But you can use some other sentences to convey the message. For example:

  • “My partner and I lost interest in each other sexually”.
  • “I don’t feel attracted toward my partner sexually”.


Being in a sexless relationship or marriage is far more common than you expect. Don’t get surprised if I tell you I know some couples who have sex once a month, and there are even some couples who have no sex even in a year.
But the problem starts when you keep asking yourself, is it ok to cheat if you are in a sexless relationship?

Besides physical and spiritual connection, sex is also important for a healthy relationship.

You can not eliminate this vital need of the relationship. You should first discover reasons that actually create the distance between the two of you in a relationship to not having sex. Then consider the solution for that. To put it in nutshell:

– Discover what caused a sexless relationship
-Find the way to get to the heart of this issue.
-You can visit a relationship/marriage consultant.

If you still see no progress then you two can break up respectfully.

You might say, I don’t get sex from my partner and think of cheating. I’m here as a relationship/marriage enthusiasm to tell you that is the worse thing ever you can do. You don’t have the right to cheat if you are in a sexless relationship.

Cheating in a sexless relationship feeds shame in your partner, and she can not trust someone else after you for a long time or even for the rest of her life. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes.
How do you feel after being cheated on?

I can guess you feel broken. You will carry out extreme emotional pain. You criticize yourself and feel you are not enough for a relationship.

And It takes a significant amount of time to heal this betrayal trauma.
Now I am asking you, do you really want to cheat if you are in a sexless relationship?

If the answer is no then I would be grateful as I could make a +1 person out of you by writing this article that took me several days to gather true data. (If you want to know what I mean by +1, check out here.)

But if the answer is yes, I can only remind you how this universe works.

Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve.

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